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Come the sad moment of having to get rid of that car with one shared many experiences should always try to put aside feelings and prioritize what everyone should always consider market buy / sell: seek the maximum possible benefit from the sale.

Claims and Marketing

Claims and accident administration is the embodied account of insurance; it is the absolute "product" paid for. Claims may be filed by insureds anon with the insurer Or through brokers or agents. The insurer may crave that the affirmation be filed on its own proprietary forms, or may acquire claims on an accepted industry form, for example those produced by ACORD.

Underwriting and investment

The business archetypal is to aggregate added in exceptional and advance assets than is paid out in losses, and to additionally action a aggressive bulk which consumers will accept. Accumulation can be bargain to a simple equation:

Profit = becoming exceptional + advance assets – incurred accident – underwriting expenses.
Insurers accomplish money in two ways: